Card Specifications

We want your artwork to shine as much as you do!

You’ve dreamt it, drawn it and perfected it. Now lets make it print ready! 

All artwork should be supplied at our large print dimensions (A4 large card).

These artworks are then resized to fit across all of our card formats.

Dimensions For Your Artwork

215mm x 302mm at 300dpi

This includes 6mm of ‘Bleed‘ and a 6mm ‘Safe Zone‘ on each side.

For best results, make sure you keep all important information such as text inside the ‘Design Area‘ and your design reaches the end of the ‘Bleed‘. The red area is our trim line.

You can download our helpful template below for Illustrator and Photoshop.


Please provide all artworks as high quality 300dpi JPGs or PNGs.

All colours used must be CMYK compatible.