Creator FAQs

Become a Creator

Nope, nada, not a thing. It's completely free.

Not at all. 

We only license your design to print on greetings cards. We do not take any exclusivity so you can sell your designs anywhere at the same time.

After your account and designs have been approved, your account will be added to our website.

Yes, of course! As long as you own the copyright you're good to go.


Right from the get go you can upload 5 designs. Use these first 5 slots to show us what you're made of!

After this, we may increase your slots to 20 depending on your designs commercial potential. If you're doing great we will review your account increase your slots even more.


You're decided to join our community, you've created your very own account now it's time to upload your first card design 🙂

You can find step by step instructions by clicking here.


215mm x 302mm at 300dpi is the files size we work with. We then scale this to fit across all of our cards.

Check out our specifications page, click here.

On our website we use RGB colour profile as computer monitors and mobile phones use this profile. This will ensure that your design looks wow and as it should.

When we print your design we use a CMYK profile for the best quality. It is important that you when design to use a CMYK profile.

Bleed = refers to the extra area of an image or background color that extends beyond the trim area of your design.

The design is printed on a larger sheet that is then cut down to size with the appearance that the image is “bleeding” off the edge of the card.

Safe zone =  is a printing term that refers to area within the cut/trim line where you can be sure important text and graphics will not be trimmed off. We recommend that you keep all important information such as text etc inside your design area.


We aim to review your design within 5 working days. This is done on an individual basis and we take into account the commercial potential of your design in relation to our main customer base.

If your design doesn't match our customer base then it can still be available to buy from your creator page. It just won't be added to our main catalogue at that point. But we review all creator's content regularly, should our customer base change. 

Sales and Payouts

We send our creator's royalties through Paypal. It's important to have a registered Paypal email address on the payout section of your account.

We send out payments on 1st of the following month, one month in arrears.

Due to Paypal fees we payout when your royalties reach £5 or more.

We currently pay 11% on A5 cards to our creators. This is from net sales and added to your seller account each time a sale is made.